Cloud Recording
and Live Streaming
for Jitsi made easy.

Scale Jibri and Not Costs. Enable Scalable Live Streaming and Cloud Recording for your Jitsi Meet Server for almost nothing.


Here are some features that make setting up Jibris for your Jitsi calls a walk in the park.

Pre-Configured Jibris

Fully configured Jibri servers with all the essential binaries preinstalled - FFMPEG, Google Chrome Web Driver and XOrg.

Reliable Recorders

You can Expect 99.9% Availability from our Jibri servers. Never get the dreaded 'Recording Failed' notification. Web based SSH available.

Post-Processing of Recordings

Our Platform includes over 15 fully tested pre-written post-processing scripts you can configure and apply to all your recorders.

How it works

Manual Way

  • Find a Reliable IaaS Provider
  • Read the Official Jibri Docs
  • Setup ALSA and Loopback Device
  • Configure Ffmpeg with X11 capture
  • Install Google Chrome stable & Chromedriver
  • Setup Secure User Accounts for Jibri
  • Edit config.json Appropriately
  • Configure Jitsi Meet for Jibri
  • Try Recording and Check for Errors
  • Craft your
  • Test for Errors
  • Find a Way to Repeat this process for as many Jibris as you need


Stream and Record your Jitsi Meetings for
$0.40 / hour

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